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We Buy Tires - Sell Your Used Tire Tires!

BuySell Tires will buy your used tires. Bring your tires to one of our locations and one of our tire techs will give you a quote on the spot for cash. If you have junk tires we will recycle them for free. We take pride in recycling tires locally and pay out of pocked as a customer service.

90% Tread Used Tires

Quality Tires

We carefully check all stock and have strict quality control to make sure our customers have safe tires.

Its our mission to bring people a cheaper atlernative to the big box stores but still remain safe while on the road.

Reliable Service

All of our service technicians are fully trained to service your car and can handle all makes and models aswell as differnt tire sizes like low pros or big mudders. Just call today with your size and we can get you setup.

Good Prices

We offer fair prices and good trade in value when switching to a winter tire or if you have a spare set.

Competitve prices and good service we will be your hometown shop you can rely on.

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